Vector Resources to Begin Deployment of Energy-Saving GPON Networking Technology at San Diego New Central Library

I am very excited to announce today that Vector Resources will soon begin our new project, to deploy passive optical local area network (LAN) architecture, using GPON technology for providing high-speed bandwidth in the City of San Diego’s New Central Library. City officials awarded Vector with this project earlier this year, and have also issued us with a formal Notice to Proceed this month. Furthermore, the Project team has applied for Silver LEED certification, and the projected energy savings from optical LAN technology can contribute to this application.

The optical LAN architecture will reduce overall energy costs, allowing Library officials the possibility to reassign funding for other activities and programs, essentially contributing to an improved environment by reducing the need for additional telecom closets, which can potentially assist and lead us in the Silver LEED certification process. Additionally, the GPON may give Library visitors access to information much faster than they are accustomed to at most locations, including their own homes.

For this project, Vector Resources is collaborating with Tellabs, which offers a long, successful history in developing and deploying optical LAN technology electronics, as well as with TE Connectivity, global leader in copper and fiber optic connectivity, and the supplier of the cabling and connectivity expertise. The experts at Vector Resources will be contributing technical and systems integration expertise and experience with working in the San Diego public sector market, and Vector’s knowledge of E-Rate, the Federal program that provides discounts to schools and libraries to secure affordable telecommunications and Internet access will contribute in maximizing the benefits of the program. Last but not least, the combination of Vector Resources, Tellabs and TE will offer the best solution in meeting the needs of not just the San Diego New Central Library, but more importantly the needs of the patrons as well.


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