State of Arizona Awards Vector Resources Its First Statewide Contract

I am very pleased to announce today that the State of Arizona has awarded Vector Resources a contract to be a preferred provider to state, county and local governments. Vector Resources was one of 15 providers selected, from a total of 38 that applied.

As Vector’s first statewide contract, this win will help increase our presence in the state of Arizona, give state, county and local government IT teams the ability to turn to Vector for support without undertaking a competitive and lengthy review process. While the contract does not guarantee Vector new projects, it will be very helpful to us as we try to work with more Arizona government agencies.

In June, Arizona’s Pima County awarded Vector Resources a Job Order Contract (JOC), allowing Pima County departments to engage with Vector to work on specific technology-related projects, without undertaking a broad competitive review. Last August, the Mohave Educational Services Cooperative (MESC) named Vector as a preferred provider for MESC member organizations, which include Arizona schools and government agencies, as well as qualifying non-profit educational healthcare institutions.

Vector’s new contracts with government agencies in Arizona, both reflects our expertise in designing and deploying network services and our experience in meeting the needs of Arizona agencies as they strive to improve the services they provide to taxpayers.


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